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7th grade geometry at work

A child’s years from first grade through eighth grade are a time of dramatic physical, emotional, and intellectual development.  How will our school support your child during these formative years?

Relevant Curriculum: At Monadnock Waldorf School, our curriculum is based on a deep understanding of the developing child. We present subjects that are naturally of interest to students at key developmental stages, making their work engaging and meaningful. This approach engenders a love of learning in the students.

The curriculum through the grades is a dynamic balance of academics and arts. Throughout their time together, the class advances through a rigorous, rich curriculum of developmentally influenced studies and activities. From the number songs and letter stories of first grade, through the chemistry experiments and Shakespeare productions of eighth grade, our students learn to work independently and also collaboratively. Through collaboration, they come to value the ideas of others. Following the teacher’s example of kindness and respect, the classroom is a harmonious environment in which to work and grow.

Dedicated Teaching Professionals: Students learn under the guidance of a specially prepared Class Teacher who teaches the core subjects, what we call Main Lessons, and shapes the student experience by staying with the same class from first through eighth grade.

The Class Teacher is committed to helping each student reach his or her fullest potential. The teacher objectively observes each student, taking note of personality traits, innate and developing capacities, and learning styles. Informed by these observations, the teacher plans each lesson to maximize comprehension and retention, specifically tailoring his/her presentation of the material to fit the students in the class.

Special Subject Teachers augment the work of the Class Teacher, specializing in such areas as French, Handwork and Painting, Choir and Instrumental Music Instruction, Woodworking, Physical Education/Movement and Eurythmy.

Communication with Parents: Class Teachers share their knowledge of the developing child and offer insights for parents about what they can expect as their children grow and change. Class Teachers schedule regular Class Meetings with the parents in their class and also make themselves available for individual consultation. In addition, parents have in-person conferences with the Class Teachers at least twice per year. Parents receive progress reports, presented in the form of written narratives, from the Class and Subject teachers. These reports give parents an in depth picture of their child as a learner.

Our Weekly Notice is an electronic newsletter designed to keep parents informed of school news and special events.

Primary Grades

A Sampling of Our Curriculum:

Grades 1-3 

  • Writing, reading, spelling, poetry, drama 
  • Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division 
  • Form Drawing 
  • Foreign language, watercolor painting, movement, physical education, handwork and crafts, music 
  • Folk and fairy tales, fables, legends, Hebrew stories 
  • House building, farming, and trades

Third Grade Building Projects!  

As an experiential part of their academic work, third grade students undertake a building project, putting their new knowledge to the test.  Here is pictured a wooden composter.

The beehive pictured here is a traditional design called a top-bar beehive, and was presented as a gift to farmers Frank Hunter and Kim Peavey of Hillside Springs Farm in Westmoreland in appreciation for all the time the third grade class spent at their farm. A second beehive was a gift to our Nursery-Kindergarten.

Middle Grades 4-6

  • Language arts, grammar, composition, poetry, drama
  • Fractions, percentages, geometric drawing, business math
  • Form drawing
  • Local and world geography, natural history, botany, elemental physics
  • Foreign language, fine arts, music, physical education, handwork, and woodworking
  • Norse and Greek mythology, Roman and medieval history

FIFTH GRADE: In Conjunction with Ancient History, Our Students Compete in Olympic Games


SIXTH GRADE: Students Create Soft Sculptures of Animals from What They Have Observed in Their Studies

Upper Grades 7 & 8

  • Creative writing, world literature, poetry, drama, biographies
  • Geometry, ratio and proportion, pre-algebra, algebra
  • Cultural geography, physics, chemistry, physiology, geology, meteorology, mineralogy
  • Foreign language, fine arts, music, physical education, movement, handwork and woodworking
  • Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, American and modern history
  • Community Service

Waldorf Advantage

You won’t find standardized textbooks here. Monadnock Waldorf students fully explore each subject with facts, reasoning, art, observation, music and physical activity. In the process, they create their own textbooks, as lasting, creative records of their achievement.