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High School Faculty



Chris Segrave-Daly, Core Faculty M.A. Humanities, University of Chicago (American history and literature, African-American studies);  B.A. English, Villanova University. Prior to Monadnock, Chris taught high school English for seven years at Rudolf Steiner School in New York City, where he also served as a member of the  Board of Trustees, a class mentor, a co-leader of the annual junior class trip to Kimberton Camphill, and his school’s delegate to the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America. Chris and his wife, Amishi, have three young children.

History, Social Studies, English, Drama

Karl Schurman, Core Faculty, B.S., Empire State College; Princeton University; NYU Undergraduate Film School; Waldorf HS Teacher Education Program, New England Center for Anthroposophy (certificate of completion). From 2002 until coming to Monadnock, Karl taught in Waldorf high schools and as an upper grades class teacher, primarily at Green Meadow Waldorf School, Chestnut Ridge, NY. Over three decades of self-employed freelancing in the film business in New York City preceded Karl's Waldorf teaching career. He worked all over the US and in many parts of the world, including shooting the PBS documentary The World of Mother Teresa. He maintains a deep interest in cinema history, the French language, Native America, and mystical Sufi poetry. He spent his own high school years in Brussels, Belgium. Three of his four grown children are Waldorf High School graduates; he hopes his grandson, Ibrahima, will be one as well.

Katie Schwerin, Guest Block Teacher, M.Ed., Antioch University with Certification in Waldorf Education. Following thirteen years of class teaching at MWS, Katie returned to school in 2009 to complete the Waldorf High School Certification at the Center for Anthroposophy. After graduating her last elementary school class in 2007, Katie resumed work at her family company, the W.S. Badger Company, Inc., bringing innovation and a strong impulse for social responsibility to the workplace. Katie has taken up leadership in numerous departments at Badger—from marketing to product development—and is currently COO, responsible for all aspects of this fast-growing and successful company. Through this work, Katie has significant hands-on knowledge of how to start and how to develop a healthy, sustainable, and responsible business.

Patrice Pinette, Guest block teacher and tutor, M.F.A. in Writing, Vermont College of Fine Arts; Goldridge Eurythmy School, London School of Eurythmy; B.A. Kirkland and Hamilton College. After working in early childhood education at the Lexington Waldorf School, and pursuing eurythmy studies, Patrice became a high school teacher at High Mowing School, where she taught eurythmy, creative writing, literature and drama. Now, as a free-lance tutor and teacher, she’s writing,contributing to literary journals, collaborating with other poets andartists, and leading writing workshops for adults, including the Healing Arts in Education program at Antioch University New England and Center for Anthroposophy’s Renewal program. She lives with her husband in Wilton, New Hampshire, and loves family time with their two adult children, who are Waldorf graduates.

Rachel Daley, Humanities Intern. M.F.A., Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry, Sarah Lawrence College; B.A., Duke University, English Literature and Islamic Studies. Rachel has taught literature, poetry, creative writing, and English composition for a number of years in Burlington, Vermont. She is currently earning certification as a Waldorf High School teacher in the humanities from the Center of Anthroposophy. She is the author of a full-length collection of poetry, Plasmos, three poetry chapbooks, and has had numerous poetry publications in journals around the country. In addition to her work as a teacher and writer,she has a background as an organic farmer (as owner and operator of Open Heart Farm in Burlington), is a returned Peace Corps volunteer (having served in the Ivory Coast, 2000-2002) and is certified as a yoga instructor.


Céline Gendron, Core Faculty, B.A., Université Québec à Montréal; Waldorf HS Teacher Education Program, New England Center for Anthroposophy (certificate  of  completion). Céline grew up on a farm in Québec, Canada and came to the  US  in  1981 to work in curative education in the Camphill Community in Kimberton, PA. For several years she lived at the Lukas Community in Temple, NH as a co-worker, house-parent, member of the administrative staff, and as Executive Director of the Lukas Foundation. After completing her high school training, she went on to teach French in grades one through seven at the Kimberton Waldorf School and later grades ten through twelve at Green Meadow Waldorf School in New York.


Connie Gerwin, Core Faculty, A.A., California State University; Waldorf Institute of Southern California. Connie has taught algebra and geometry in Waldorf high schools for over thirty years, first at Highland Hall in Northridge, CA, then at High Mowing School in Wilton, NH and more recently at Hartsbrook School in Hadley, MA, Merriconeag Waldorf School in Maine, and  Lake Champlain Waldorf School in Vermont. She serves as a mentor to Waldorf high school math teachers and offers talks and workshops throughout North America.

Physical Sciences

Surveying, Trigonometry & Calculus, and Projective Geometry

Mr. Falconbridge, Core Faculty, Ph.D. in Psychology/Physics; M.S., B.S. with First Class Honors in Biophysics, University of Western Australia; Certification, Waldorf HS Teacher Education Program, New England Center for Anthroposophy. He has worked as a Research Fellow and Adjunct Lecturer in the Physics Department at UWA and completed more than three years of post-doctoral work at UCLA and UC/San Diego. His Ph.D. thesis was entitled Learning to See: Principles of Plasticity in the Early Visual System and he has published various papers since around the theme of the brain’s remarkable ability to learn from its environment. He has served on the board of a developing Waldorf school in California and done volunteer work as an English and Maths tutor for underprivileged children in Malaysia. He and his wife, have three young children.

Life Sciences

Life Sciences & Algebra II

Mary Kay Costello, Core Faculty, M.S., Neuroscience and Behavior (research in circadian rhythms), University of Massachusetts, Amherst; B.A., Biology and Environmental Studies, Wells College. Mary Kay has taught biology, chemistry, and math in Waldorf High schools and public schools since 1979, first teaching at the Waldorf School of Garden City (of which she is also an alumna), later at the Hartsbook (Waldorf) School in Hadley, MA. As a teenager, Mary Kay spent several summers working at Camp Glen Brook, where she came to love the Monadnock region, hiking and canoeing it. She is passionate about science, the natural world, hiking, swimming, cross-country skiing, gardening, discovering plants and animals, and finding ways to protect the land, its plants, and animals. Mary Kay has three grown children and two grandchildren.

Earth Sciences


Lisa Damian, Block Teacher, B.S., Biology and Environmental Science; certified in Spatial Dynamics and Bothmer Gymnastics. Lisa is a Waldorf high school science teacher with over 22 years of experience. She was a founding faculty member of the Emerson Waldorf High School in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and the founding teacher of the Ashuelot River High School before it became Monadnock Waldorf High School.


History of Music

Douglas Gerwin, Block Teacher, Ph.D., is the Director of the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton, where among other responsi­bilities he helps to train Waldorf high school teachers (including Mr. Schurman, Mme Gendron and Mr. Falconbridge). He has extensive high school and university teaching experience in life sciences, history, literature, German, and music. A Waldorf graduate himself, he is the author of several books and many articles. He co-authored of the longitudinal study of Waldorf graduates called The Results of Waldorf Education and his recent work includes researching and developing a sexual education curriculum for Waldorf students in grades four through twelve.

Survey of Architecture 

Patrick Stolfo, Block Teacher, B.A., M.A., has been active as a freelance sculptor and graphic artist since 1973. After a period of independent study and teaching at Emerson College in England, he was commissioned for sculptural installations in Sweden, California, and New York. He has been a teacher of sculpture, art, and art history for thirty years in numerous Waldorf schools, college programs, and Waldorf teacher training institutes in North America.


Katie Schwerin, Block Teacher, M.Ed., Antioch University with Certification in Waldorf Education, 1994. Following 13 years of class teaching at MWS, Katie returned to school in 2009 to complete the Waldorf HS Certification, Center for Anthroposophy. After graduating her last elementary school class in 2007, Katie resumed work at her family company, the WS Badger Co, bringing innovation and a strong impulse for social responsibility. Katie has taken up leadership in numerous departments at Badger from marketing to product development and is currently COO, responsible for all aspects of this fast growing and successful company. She has gained hands on knowledge of how to start and how to develop a healthy, sustainable, and responsible business.



Richard Clough, B.A. History/Theater Keene State College. Richard has been involved with the Performing Arts since his formative years. Starting as a musician, then moving to acting, and finally to dance, he has been teaching Social/Ballroom Dance in the Keene area since 1986. He is comfortable with the Smooth dances such as Foxtrot and Waltz, the Latin dances such as Cha Cha and Rumba, and Club dances such as Swing and Salsa. Rich strives to give students the tools to enjoy and express themselves to music individually and in partnership.

Physical Education

Nell Wiener ~ Ultimate Frisbee

Meenakshi Moses ~ Yoga

Instrumental Music

Wind Ensemble

Bruce Elliot studied Jazz saxophone at the Hartt School of Music with Jazz Master Jackie McLean. He has been playing in and leading various musical groups around Keene since 1998. Bruce graduated from the Waldorf teacher training at Antioch New England Graduate School where he was class­mates with MWS class teacher Tim Price. For five years Bruce was a class teacher at MWS. Currently he plays in two bands, The Nines and The Terry Landis Band, as well as teaching and working as the massage therapist at the Cheshire Wellness Center.

Vocal Music

High School Chorus

Maria Belva, B.A., Psychology & Education, SUNY/Potsdam; MMus Choral Conducting, University of Maine; CMVT (Certified McClosky Voice Technician), McClosky Institute of Voice, Emory University. Maria is a professional choral conductor and private voice teacher based in Peterborough, NH. Her voice studio serves students of varying abilities and needs, from timid beginners to experi­enced soloists, from children to adults. She directs the Peterborough Children’s Choir (more than 70 children in four auditioned ensembles) and the Keene Youth Chorus, and is music director of the Peterborough Unitarian Church. Maria also is active as a soprano soloist throughout the Monadnock region. She sings with the Peterborough Chamber Singers.

Manual & Fine Arts

Drawing, Stone Carving, Ceramics, Sculpture, Painting, and Film Arts

Kristin Powers, HS Chair, Core Faculty, H.S. Arts Program Director.  B.F.A., Ceramics, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. Kristin hails from England and Canada and has lived in the Monadnock region for over 20 years. She studied stone sculpture, photography, and poetry in Southern France. Kristin is a co-founder of Trikeenan Tileworks, an internationally renowned producer of handmade ceramic tile, established in this region for over 21 years, and she has received many awards for product development, design, and marketing. Her three children all graduated 8th grade from Monadnock Waldorf School.

Papermaking, Printmaking and Painting

Stephen Powers, B.F.A., Printmaking, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI. Powers hails from Boston and has lived in the Monadnock region for 21 years. He is a co-founder of Trikeenan Tileworks, an internationally renowned producer of handmade ceramic tile and as a designer he has won numerous awards. His three children all graduated 8th grade from Monadnock Waldorf School.

Wood Sculpture, Timber framing

Clay Sculpture

Patrick Stolfo (see Survery of Architecture above)


Stained Glass & Geometric Origami

Hans Schepker, Originally trained as an electronics engineer, Hans has practiced solid geometry through teaching at Waldorf Schools across the U.S. and Germany. Born and raised in Germany, geometry has always held a high position in his interests. Hans’s exposure to various and sundry crafts and trades during his formative years fostered a skill and interest in mechanics and working in wood and textiles. After time in the defense industry, he worked with the “soft” geometry of custom-made garments. Nine years of kite design and manufacture followed, which put geometry into the sky. Ever changing constellations of paper forms began to float from the ceilings in his house. He is now putting light bulbs into those same and other forms, now made of glass, illuminating private, corporate, and public spaces.

Weaving, Spinning & Knitting

Marcy Schepker is a tapestry weaver, soft toy maker, and community person with 36 years of experience as a weaver and teacher. She feels that the knowledge that each one of us is an artist, a crafts person, and an apprentice in our own capacity and that each of us has special gifts and needs is central to our lives and work. Central also to the success of her work is the core belief in the continual balance of each person’s creativity with the energy they draw from working together. She believes this process to be vital to being a crafts person, and also important as a social model. Her art builds bridges between people. Marcy’s Pear Tree Studio in nearby Harrisville has been written up in The Boston Globe and in Fiberarts magazine.