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Why Waldorf Works

Waldorf education is now the fastest-growing independent school movement in the world. Waldorf's time-tested pedagogy is designed to address the whole child. It stimulates the mind with a full spectrum of traditional academic subjects. It nurtures healthy emotional development by conveying knowledge experientially as well as academically. It works with the hands throughout the day, both in primary academic subjects and in a broad range of artistic handwork, music and craft activities. Learning becomes much more than the acquisition of information; learning becomes an engaging voyage of discovery of the world and of oneself.
The heart of our philosophy is the belief that education must meet the child developmentally. The very young child learns best through imitation and imagination, the grade school child through the realm of the emotions and senses, and the adolescent through the intellect. The Waldorf curriculum carefully balances academic, artistic, and practical activities and develops the child's self-confidence and self-reliance, while fostering personal integrity and a sense of responsibility.
Monadnock Waldorf School education prepares the child as thoroughly as possible for his or her future life experiences. A rigorous classical education instills the academic skills necessary to succeed in High School and later academic work. Healthy emotional and social development is supported by Waldorf teaching methods and a strong partnership between teachers and families. Our teachers approach the children with enthusiasm and respect for the emerging individuality in each child.
Our graduates are glowing proof of the success of the Monadnock Waldorf educational experience and the Waldorf teaching method. Our graduates' High School teachers comment regularly about their outstanding and unusual level of academic and creative ability, their desire to learn and to be engaged, their ability to clearly communicate, and their personal integrity. Monadnock Waldorf graduates are prepared for accelerated academics, foreign language, and arts. They carry with them a highly developed capacity for meaningful social and educational relationships.
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